BUGLEWEED OPSS4.COM 대구오피 오피쓰 대구건마

Bugleweeds are excellent both for the color of the leaves and the attractive flowers. The botanical name refers to the shape of the leaves that cover the flower. Bugleweed is one of the many common names of Ajuga reptans, a perennial flowering species that is commonly used for medicinal purposes. Every spring, the plant sends up a 3-6 inch stalk with bright purple flowers, one of the defining characteristics of the species. The leaves themselves, which are used along with the flowers for various health conditions, are quite broad and only grow to about 3 inches off the ground. The plant is actually known as an invasive species in North America, as it can quickly spread and provide ground cover for large areas. Some of the other common names of bugleweed include bugle and carpetweed.


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